whats up fuckers im RAOUL

im too lazy to make this site any more than functional its late

for the nosy fuckers: im an entp 5w4 so/sx and xvi the tower. now thats out of the way..

im a tme 20 yr old nyanbinary lesbian who uses he/him pronouns. if you care my neoprns and other names are here

im interested in persona, genshin impact, lyrical analysis, splatoon, language studies, octopath, kekkai sensen, vocaloid, minecraft, the promised neverland, brand new animal, pokemon, loz, a bunch of shit actually

im very rt heavy, i swear/keysmash/crytype/use all caps a lot untagged. i wont tag any of my interests unless we're really close.

if you follow me and youre 30+, a proship adult, an endogenic system, or you kin scaramouche, xingqiu, ritsu, doppo, maruki im putting you in my CRINGE COMP (youre getting blocked!)